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Rise & Shine: City to announce deal closing rubber rooms today

  • State officials say NY won’t enter Race to the Top’s next round without a strong application. (PostNY1)
  • The city will announce a deal with the teachers union today closing the infamous rubber rooms. (Post)
  • Inside a rubber room on a high school campus, teachers await trial for months and even years. (WNYC)
  • The principal at Brooklyn’s PS 38 was taped berating teachers over how they rated her. (Daily News)
  • The student who aired conditions at Paul Robeson HS says the school told her not to come back. (Post)
  • The Post says Robeson’s response to the “whistle-blowing” is another reason that it should be closed.
  • Assemblyman Jonathan Bing explains why he support a bill to end seniority-based layoffs. (Daily News)
  • Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa has proposed a $23 billion bailout to stop teacher layoffs. (Washington Post)
  • The Manhattan Institute’s Marcus Winters says NYC should not abandon cash incentives. (Daily News)
  • Richard Slatkin, who founded the city’s autism charter school, shares his experience. (Fortune Magazine)
  • American math teachers have weaker math skills than their counterparts in some other countries. (Times)