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Rise & Shine: A more dire assessment of teacher pension costs

  • Parents submitted 3,800 applications for 538 seats in yesterday’s Achievement First lottery. (Post)
  • A family who was shut out of Achievement First’s schools has its hopes pinned on other charters. (Post)
  • Parents whose son did get into an Achievement First school say he’s destined for greatness. (Post)
  • A conservative think tank says the city’s teacher pension fund is in worse shape than the city says. (NY1)
  • Nationwide, teacher pension funds are more than $900 billion in the red, the group found. (USA Today)
  • An NYC superintendent’s son is among tens of thousands of students waitlisted at elite colleges. (Times)
  • Teachers at Williamsburg Charter High School produce YouTube videos to help their students. (NY1)
  • The Daily News says legislation to end “last in, first out” layoffs would protect good teachers.
  • Some school districts in the region are holding weekday proms to cut down on after parties. (Times)
  • SUNY’s new strategic plan includes a pipeline stretching from pre-K to college. (NY1, GothamSchools)
  • A 2-year-old was left alone on a daycare school bus for hours. (PostTimesDaily News)