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Rise & Shine: Much-hyped MS science funding cut after 2 years

  • The city spiked a 2-year-old middle school science program, saying it can’t be replicated. (Daily News)
  • Thousands of immigrant students aren’t getting the language help they’re legally entitled to. (Post)
  • More than 40 percent of Manhattan schools are highly overcrowded, a new survey argues. (Daily News)
  • Topping the list of overcrowded schools is PS 3 in Greenwich Village. (Daily News)
  • AFT President Randi Weingarten says she supports legalizing pot, but not for children. (Daily News)
  • A student at Paul Robeson HS says she wishes the city could just close the school already. (Post)
  • SUNY’s Charter Schools Institute should be protected from budget cuts, its head argues. (Daily News)
  • Crain’s NY says teachers unions can work out the details later on Race to the Top-induced changes.
  • An economist says teachers’ in New York receive salaries and benefits that are crippling the state. (Post)
  • An assistant principal at Brooklyn’s Clara Barton HS was arrested on animal cruelty charges. (Post)
  • The city will open a new elementary school in Queens early to beat overcrowding. (Daily News)
  • A student stabbed at his Bronx school is suing, saying a security guard didn’t protect him. (Daily News)
  • Three city music teachers who met at Teachers College are striking out as an act of their own. (NY1)
  • The Wall Street Journal ask why school districts, including in NY, keep hiring when enrollments fall.
  • The Daily News says New York City should adopt elements of D.C.’s new teachers contract.
  • D.C. officials say they’re pleased by the cash-for-grades experiment results there. (Washington Post)
  • Australian teachers are refusing to administer tests that will be used to rank schools. (The Australian)