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Rise & Shine: In digital era, few schools still taking class pictures

  • Even before the end of kindergarten registration, some popular schools are already full. (Daily News)
  • The custodian at Thurgood Marshall Academy is accused of embezzling $30,000. (Daily News, Post)
  • Budget watchdog Charles Brecher: NYC should “stop paying teachers who do not teach.” (Daily News)
  • Page Six questions why the Times’ Diane Ravitch article didn’t mention her ex-husband, Richard. (Post)
  • A handful of city public schools are among the holdouts who haven’t given up class pictures. (Times)
  • New York is not likely to be among the first-round Race to the Top winners announced today. (Post)
  • Chicago is making space at elite schools for top students from struggling schools. (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • The Obama Administration appears to be starting with a blank slate in rewriting NCLB. (Times)
  • The House approved a bill that would limit some forms of physical discipline in schools. (Times)
  • A national survey found that students are reporting a big drop in bullying. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Officials and teachers in Central Falls, R.I., have agreed to restart negotiations. (Providence Journal, AP)

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