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High school admissions letters on their way, after all

Eighth-graders who have been waiting since Wednesday to find out where they will go to high school can breathe a sigh of relief — the letters are on their way, Chancellor Joel Klein just announced.

Admissions letters will be mailed to all students beginning this evening. Although a State Supreme Court ruling today found that 14 high schools slated for closure must remain open, the Department of Education didn’t assign any incoming freshman to those schools, Klein said in a statement.

About 8,500 eighth-graders listed one of the 14 schools among their choices in applying to high school. Klein said that if the city loses its appeal and the schools end up remaining open next year, students will be able to elect to attend one of them.

Klein’s full statement is below the jump:

Statement by Chancellor Klein on the Distribution of High School Acceptance Letters

“Beginning tonight and continuing through the weekend, we will be sending out high school acceptance letters to students’ homes. We anticipate that by mid-week all students will have received their letters.

“No students were initially matched to schools that were slated for phase-out. Depending on the outcome of the appeal of the judge’s decision, those schools might accept new students. As a result, students who applied to those schools will also receive a letter stating that, should the schools remain open, they may select one of them.”

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