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Veteran teachers overrepresented in ATR pool, data show

Schools Chancellor Joel Klein told City Council members this week that the experience levels of teachers in the absent teacher reserve pool tends to fall along a bell curve. Most excessed teachers have between five and 15 years of teaching experience under their belt, he said.

When we reported Klein’s numbers (and when we updated our report with new numbers Department of Education officials gave us shortly after our original post), we wondered how the distribution of teaching experience in the ATR pool compares to that among active teachers in city schools.

Kim Gittleson, the research assistant to one of GothamSchools’ funders, Ken Hirsh, had conveniently already sought out those numbers from the DOE. Over in the Community section, she reports that the distributions of teachers by years of service in the excess pool and among the city’s active teachers do not match.

Gittleson writes:

Using information from the DOE, I found that younger teachers are underrepresented in the ATR pool at 13 percent versus 29 percent of active teachers. Teachers with 15 to 25 years of service are overrepresented in the ATR pool, at 31 percent versus 19 percent of the active teachers.