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Rise & Shine: Charter schools' political entanglements deepen

  • The documentary about the rubber rooms for reassigned teachers comes out next month. (Post)
  • The fight over charter schools is heating up, and political money is playing a big role. (Crain’s NY)
  • The charter school State Sen. Malcolm Smith founded moved onto a donor’s land. (Daily News)
  • Conditions at the school, Peninsula Prep, are subpar, without plans for improvement. (Daily News)
  • A student who says the principal at NEST+m tried to have him arrested wrongfully is suing. (Post)
  • More minorities were accepted to the city’s gifted kindergartens. (GothamSchools, Post, Daily News)
  • Translators are key at parent conferences at Stuyvesant, where most students are Asian. (Times)
  • Students at Brooklyn’s PS 269 forwent a bake sale to run laps for Haiti relief. (Daily News, NY1)
  • Conservative columnist Andrea Peyser: New bake sale rules were devised by “demonic nannies.” (Post)
  • A psychologist at Staten Island’s IS 72 was arrested for inappropriate sexual behavior. (Daily News)
  • The Times says charter schools’ teacher evaluation systems are worth emulating.
  • Nonprofits, including those working on education, are expecting a bad budget year. (Times)
  • With budgets declining, states are having trouble coming through on their education vows. (NPR)
  • Albany is cutting teachers after losing enrollment to charter schools. (Albany Times Union)
  • D.C. schools chief Michelle Rhee has hired a Democratic party image consultant. (Washington Post)
  • Rhee isn’t rebuilding several decrepit schools as promised because of money woes. (Washington Post)
  • The Wall Street Journal says choice and accountability, not standards, are the best education tools.
  • In letters to the editor, readers tell the Times their thoughts on the push toward national standards.
  • Chester Finn argues that American kids should go to school on Saturdays, too. (Wall Street Journal)

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