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Rise & Shine: Metrocard cuts won't be decided next week after all

  • Lawmakers are complaining that the Obama administration’s education plan is too city-focused. (Times)
  • Chancellor Klein and Mayor Bloomberg offer their take on Obama’s education plan. (Time)
  • George Will says Obama’s goal of universal “college and career readiness” by 2020 is unrealistic. (Post)
  • The teachers union’s charter school got a shorter-than-typical charter renewal from the state. (Post)
  • The head of the MTA told worried students that Metrocards won’t be voted on next week. (NY1)
  • At a medicine-themed high school in the Bronx, students learn the periodic table by rapping. (NY1)
  • A program called “Expanding the Walls” lets students explore the city through photography. (Times)
  • The Villager praises the city’s indication that it will open a new school downtown sooner than planned.
  • Under New Jersey’s proposed school budget cuts, some districts would lose all state funding. (Times)
  • Some school districts are trying to earn extra cash by selling ad space on their Web sites. (USA Today)
  • To avoid total financial ruin, Detroit is seeking to close 45 schools. (Times, AP)
  • J.C. Brizard, the NYC alum who heads Rochester’s schools, dishes on leadership. (City Newspaper)
  • The mayor of Harrisburg, Penn., wants to get rid of mayoral control. (Patriot-News)

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