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Remainders: Even kid New Yorkers cynical about the snow day

  • Some city schoolchildren are less than thrilled by the prospect of a snow day….
  • While New York’s bloggerati think the city ruined the snow day by calling it in advance.
  • Does the city plant school scandal stories to deflect attention from bad news? Mulgrew thinks yes.
  • A UFT blogger finds a link between low grad rates and the number of self-contained special ed classes.
  • Diane Ravitch argues that when policy makers rely too heavily on data, the data start to change.
  • Jay Mathews wants to know ways to encourage students to read non-fiction.
  • The move to small schools in a Colorado district led to a 5 percent increase in costs, a new book reports.
  • Transit cuts in Chicago are raising concerns about students’ safety as they wait for buses after school.
  • A blogger in Northern VA compares snow removal efforts to discrepancies in funding between districts.

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