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Rise & Shine: Post-stimulus "funding cliff" nears for many states

  • Many states are going to have big education budget problems without more stimulus funds. (Times)
  • Students at Automotive HS can take a class to learn how their food gets to their plates. (Times)
  • A teacher accused of molesting several students has been in the rubber room for seven years. (Post)
  • Post columnist Andrea Peyser outlines some ways the DOE has proposed tackling the rubber rooms.
  • State Sen. Ruben Diaz responded to the Post’s rubber room crusade by decrying DOE policy. (Post)
  • Thousands of people turned out for a fair advertising new high schools opening this fall. (Daily News)
  • Chapter president Hazel Dukes defends the NAACP’s decision to oppose school closings. (Post)
  • Even fewer minority students were accepted to specialized high schools this year. (Times, Post)
  • Haven Academy, a charter school, is using donations to help its students who are in foster care. (Times)
  • NY1 visits East New York Prep, the charter school facing closure at the end of the school year.
  • The A Better Chance Program helps city students get into, and pay for, elite schools. (Daily News)
  • The principal who had a student arrested for doodling on a desk says she was in the right. (Daily News)
  • A Daily News columnist says NYC principals might have less common sense than their students.
  • The Post urges the DOE to send “dopey principals” who discipline excessively to the rubber room.
  • The Obama Administration is going to try to outlaw candy, sweets, and soda in schools. (Times)
  • Dismal circumstances make life hard for Detroit’s students and teachers. (Detroit Free Press)
  • Chicago’s schools are looking to hire a “Culture of Calm” coordinator. (Times)
  • A Chicago high school offers students the chance to be trained in stagecraft. (Times)
  • A Bay Area charter school that caters to Muslim students gave its founder lavish perks. (Times)
  • Early college high schools, of which New York has several, blend high school and college. (Times)