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Rise & Shine: Overcrowded UES to get a new elementary school

  • A Staten Island principal called home when a student brought in a 2-inch toy gun. (Daily News, Post)
  • Shelter check-in rules caused a HS student to miss the last exam she needed to graduate. (Daily News)
  • A new charter school opening up in Riverdale has kept a low profile. (Riverdale Press)
  • To save money, the city will try to close day care centers in gentrified neighborhoods. (Times)
  • The Upper East Side will get a new elementary school to cut down on crowding. (Times)
  • Students and parents at the Clinton School protested against the school’s move last week. (The Villager)
  • Letter-writers weigh in on teacher misconduct, in and outside of the rubber rooms. (Post)
  • The head of the New York Civil Rights Coalition questions the NAACP’s school closure suit. (Daily News)
  • In Los Angeles, communities vote on what should happen to low-performing schools. (L.A. Times)
  • Philly students do have HS choices, but most can’t take advantage of them. (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • Jay Mathews showcases a teacher’s critique of D.C.’s teacher evaluation program. (Washington Post)
  • In cities nationally, charter schools are more racially segregated than other schools. (Washington Post)
  • Amsterdam News Editor Elinor Tatum writes an open letter to Dennis Walcott about school closures.