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Rise & Shine: Schools closed for snow — and Eva Moskowitz?

  • City schools are closed today because of snow, for the second time this month. (Daily News, Times, NY1)
  • The record shows Joel Klein closes schools just for Eva Moskowitz, Juan Gonzalez says. (Daily News)
  • For the first time, the PEP voted to table a proposal, stopping a home for Eagle Academy. (Daily News)
  • The PEP also passed new rules banning homemade treats in school bake sales this week. (Times)
  • Demand appears to be down at city private schools. (Bloomberg)
  • Readers weigh in on Bob Herbert’s column extolling the Harlem Village Academy. (Times)
  • Thwarted L.A. charter school operators say they would focus on special ed if they could. (L.A. Times)
  • After rejecting many of her old views, Diane Ravitch has a book about the new ones. (Washington Post)
  • Baltimore is struggling to make a decision for the first time about closing a charter school. (Baltimore Sun)
  • Trying to mitigate budget cuts, San Francisco parents said they’d pay more taxes. (S.F. Chronicle)