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Rise & Shine: PEP approves charter school co-location plans

  • Mayor Bloomberg said the city’s teacher contract “demands” weren’t really demands at all. (Times)
  • Juan Gonzalez: Eva Moskowitz enjoys an unusual level of support from Chancellor Klein. (Daily News)
  • Parents at Achievement First Endeavor Charter School say discipline is too strict. (Post, Daily News)
  • The Panel for Educational Policy voted to approve 16 school co-location plans. (Daily News, NY1)
  • A review found that city charter schools get less money than district schools. (GothamSchools)
  • City schools have enrolled more than 200 students from Haiti since the earthquake. (Queens Courier)
  • The Post questions Chancellor Klein’s priorities in revising bake sale rules before firing more teachers.
  • Kennedy HS saw a 50 percent drop in crime and is off the most dangerous schools list. (Riverdale Press)
  • Clear Channel New York, an advertising company, will help promote the DOE’s annual survey. (NY1)
  • Charter school advocates testified before Congress that charter schools need more oversight. (Times)
  • Central Falls, Rhode Island’s poorest city, is divided over the firing of all its high school teachers. (Times)
  • The situation in Central Falls could augur a trend for districts trying to turn around schools. (USA Today)
  • Mass firings are just one set of consequences newly facing teachers at low-performing schools. (AP)
  • The ACLU and others are suing Los Angeles over layoffs at low-performing schools. (L.A. Times)
  • Union rules prohibit a Central Falls-type situation from happening in New York City. (Post)
  • Internships and creative scheduling are becoming part of more students’ senior years. (USA Today)