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Seeking schools with diminished science budgets

We’re always on the lookout for how budget cuts are affecting individual schools, and apparently we’re not alone.

Adina Levin, the head of an organization called Collab-orators, needs help identifying elementary and middle schools that would most benefit from having Stuyvesant High School students teach robotics. We just received this message from Levin: 

We want to reach out first to the schools impacted the hardest by budget cuts. Do you have any recommendations of what schools we should contact first? Collab and the Stuyvesant Robotics team have created an after school Robotics Program at Collab’s 5500 sq ft environmentally sustainable space in New York City. … The goal is to share science and technology using the robotics program developed for Freshman and Sophomore members of the Stuyvesant High School Robotics Team.

Leave a comment with your suggestions for schools that could benefit from an after-school robotics program.