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Rise & Shine: Rumors portend a second bid to raise charter cap

  • The principal of the Bronx’s Young Scholars Academy resigned after admitting improprieties. (Post)
  • Ross Global Academy, the Manhattan charter school, has lost 20 percent of students this year. (Post)
  • An architecture charter school with money problems won’t move to Smith HS after all. (Daily News)
  • Students at a Manhattan high school are raising funds to visit Nazi concentration camps. (Daily News)
  • Chancellor Klein praises Houston’s experiment in value-added teacher evaluation. (Houston Chronicle)
  • Eva Moskowitz answers questions about the city’s charter school fights. (Education News Colorado)
  • Rumor has it that NY can get Race to the Top funds by lifting the charter cap this month. (Crain’s NY)
  • The city’s high school admissions process is too complicated, a columnist writes. (Metro)
  • The Times says NYC should replicate Iowa’s programs to prepare GED test-takers.
  • An investigation found an Albany charter school screened students for ability. (Albany Times-Union)
  • The Obama administration might pressure states to adopt new math and reading standards. (Times)
  • Obama told governors that the country could see massive teacher layoffs this year. (Reuters)
  • President Obama is letting high schools compete to have him speak at graduation. (AP)
  • The Wall Street Journal warns that students suffer because of teachers’ tenure protections.
  • Australia could soon see teachers evaluated by test scores. (Sydney Morning Herald)
  • Few are happy with San Francisco’s new enrollment system, designed to reduce segregation. (Times)