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Rise & Shine: Newest Harlem Success schools to open in Bronx

  • Three high-profile, politically touchy charter schools are set to get city-funded buildings. (Daily News)
  • Eva Moskowitz’s two newest schools will open in the Bronx and be called Bronx Success. (NY1)
  • The construction-themed charter school coming to Alfred E Smith HS has big problems. (Times)
  • There are 10 percent fewer black students in the city’s top high schools than 8 years ago. (Daily News)
  • Half a dozen teachers in the rubber room have been cleared to return to class but will never do so. (Post)
  • Chancellor Klein says he wants to stop paying teachers while they’re in the rubber room. (Post)
  • UFT head Michael Mulgrew says the best way to deal with rubber rooms is to try teachers faster. (Post)
  • Gov. Paterson’s proposed budget would require day-care workers to pay dues to the UFT. (Post)
  • Peter Murphy from the state’s charter schools association rails against their frozen spending. (Post)
  • Deputy state ed chief John King says reforming assessment is his top priority. (Albany Times-Union)
  • Elected officials say closing schools in their last years are empty shells of their former selves. (AP)
  • The mother of the boy who says he was forced to fight by a school aide is suing the city. (NY1)
  • The Daily News praises the DOE’s decision to use test scores in some teachers’ tenure.
  • School districts are legally not able to use all of the funds they unnecessarily stashed away. (AP)
  • Testing experts say states should always be on the lookout for cheating. (Times)
  • Los Angeles teachers and administrators appear set to agree to a shortened school year. (L.A. Times)
  • A judge gave the go-ahead to a lawsuit by a Florida student suspended over her Facebook page. (Times)