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Rise & Shine: City required charter schools to call a snow day

  • The Board of Regents has only one more charter to hand out under the current cap. (Post)
  • The city canceled school while the sun still shone and told charter schools they had to close, too. (Times)
  • Advocates want changes to the shelter system so incidents like Rosa Briceno’s won’t recur. (Daily News)
  • The national NAACP head, Benjamin Jealous, weighs in against NYC’s school closures. (Daily News)
  • NYS school districts wasted $880 million in recent years, an audit found. (Albany Times-Union, NY1)
  • First Lady Michelle Obama launched a new campaign to tackle childhood obesity. (Times)
  • Los Angeles plans to fire 6 percent of its non-tenured teachers this year, up from 2 percent. (L.A. Times)