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Rise & Shine: UFT set to file school closure lawsuit today

  • The UFT is set to file a lawsuit today to stop the 19 school closures approved last week. (Daily News)
  • The new NCLB could give districts funding based on progress, rather than demographics. (Times)
  • Charter leaders say they’ll give up on New York if the state doesn’t get more supportive soon. (Times)
  • A teacher found to have spoken lewdly to a student has sat in the rubber room for almost 10 years. (Post)
  • The head of NYPD’s School Safety Division was promoted to another position. (Daily News)
  • The Daily News says the many people who spoke at last week’s PEP meeting weren’t representative.
  • The city wants to make it harder to get a top progress report grade. (GothamSchools, Times, Daily News)
  • A Daily News survey says school lunches in the city are still full of unhealthy components.
  • The yummy lunches at Harlem’s Promise Academy Charter School continue to be healthy. (Daily News)
  • A city program that gives summer jobs to more than 50,000 teens is at risk from budget cuts. (Daily News)
  • A former member of Joel Klein’s team will lead Teach for America in Providence. (Providence Journal)
  • More D.C. residents don’t like Michelle Rhee, even as they say the schools are better. (Washington Post)
  • A study released last week says many states keep bad teachers and send good ones away. (AP)