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Remainders: Public advocate says he's "disappointed" in Black

  • A second lawsuit is challenging Cathie Black’s appointment. (GS, City Room, State of Politics)
  • Bill de Blasio is “disappointed” that Black hedged on where she’d send her kids to school. (Daily Politics)
  • Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emmanuel also wouldn’t say where he’d send his children. (WBEZ)
  • Is Cathie Black the Mr. Wensleydale of public education? (Accountable Talk)
  • A school turnaround specialist argues states should rethink how they spend federal grants. (Mass Insight)
  • A Jamaica H.S. teacher argues the city and union are both responsible for the ATR crisis. (Answer Sheet)
  • Michelle Rhee wants her new organization to act as a political counterbalance to unions. (WBEZ)
  • A documentary on pressures on students is gaining a grassroots following. (Times)
  • InsideSchools has posted new reviews to help parents select a middle school. (InsideSchools)