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Remainders: Do Shanghai's test scores mark a new Sputnik?

  • The Daily News liveblogged its visit from Cathie Black today. (Daily Politics)
  • The Campaign for Fiscal Equity wants the city to improve its school capacity data. (EdVox)
  • Comptroller John Liu says he’s already looking into the city’s capacity numbers. (John Liu)
  • New international test scores are out; the United States didn’t do so hot. (OECD)
  • In its debut performance, Shanghai came in far ahead of everyone else. (Times)
  • Checker Finn: Shanghai’s performance could mark a “Sputnik for the 21st Century.” (Flypaper)
  • Of course, there’s a Sputnik moment every few years. (Kevin Huffman)
  • The principal of Harlem’s Choir Academy said the close call with closure rallied the school. (City Room)
  • California parents are already acting on a new law that lets them take over weak schools. (L.A. Weekly)
  • The Empire Center predicts — again — that teacher pensions could cripple the state. (Daily Politics)
  • The teacher suspended for blogging about being a sex worker says reassignment is fun. (Daily Transom)
  • Literary types have launched a new online magazine for teens. (
  • Chris Christie blames his predecessor for N.J. missing out on federal charter funding. (Phil. Inquirer)