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Rise & Shine: More school closure news coming today

  • Cathie Black is researching the schools by talking to Hearst employees with children in them. (NYT)
  • Shael Polakow-Suranky says his job won’t change much, though his boss and title will. (Daily News)
  • The city named 12 schools that it plans to close, will announce about a dozen more today. (WSJ, Post)
  • JFK students say the city helped new schools in the building, but not theirs. (Daily News)
  • Ross Global Academy plans to fight the city’s determination that it should lose its charter. (NYT)
  • The charter school’s founder, Courtney Ross, blames the low test scores on multiple relocations. (WSJ)
  • The UFT defended its position that the city should not release teachers’ effectiveness scores. (GS, Post)
  • Governor Paterson gave a $500,000 grant to Chess-in-the-Schools. (Post)
  • Officials haven’t decided how to use space in Marine Park JHS, but parents say no high school. (Post)
  • Removed from the classroom, a teacher is getting her full salary while writing her memoir. (Daily News)
  • The Daily News backs Archbishop Timothy Dolan’s move to shutter under-enrolled schools.
  • A global survey found Americans average in reading, below-average in math. (Washington Post)
  • Shanghai students’ high reading and math scores are catching experts by surprise. (NYT)
  • Michelle Rhee aims to raise $1 billion to lobby local and federal electeds. (New York Times)