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Remainders: As Black opens up, Klein gives his lessons learned

  • In her first interview, Cathie Black says she’s a “strong, seasoned manager.” (ABC)
  • A Brooklyn parent sued the state to block Black from becoming chancellor. (NYT)
  • Joel Klein reflects on what he “learned at the education barricades.” (Wall Street Journal)
  • Polakow-Suransky, the soon-to-be chief academic officer, is meeting State Island parents. (SI Advance)
  • A middle school in lower Manhattan is having a hard time attracting students. (Tribeca Trib)
  • Members of a Philly folk band performed with students from P.S. 171 in East Harlem. (NYT)
  • The feds will be grading how well RttT winners have lived up to their promises. (Politics K-12)
  • Are Valerie Strauss and Diane Ravitch the anti-elite Sarah Palin and Glenn Becks of the left? (Russo)
  • Checker Finn critiques Ravitch’s call for a GOP push for more local control of schools. (Flypaper)
  • A TN report on teacher training deems TFA grads the most effective. (Commercial Appeal via Eduwonk)
  • If WikiLeaks had any dirt on NYC’s operations, Joel Klein and Cathie Black would make the list. (NYT)