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Remainders: A "plea for peace" between two edu-pundits

  • A spending bill is pulled out of consideration meaning K-12 funding will likely be flat. (EdWeek)
  • Rhee says Cathie Black will succeed because she did, but Rhee was basically fired. (Flypaper)
  • Parents: How should Black change the arduous high school admissions process? (InsideSchools)
  • Just like the State Department, teachers are learning the perils of promised confidentiality. (HuffPo)
  • Jay Mathews issues a “plea for peace” to Diane Ravitch and Whitney Tilson. (Washington Post)
  • Coming to comment threads: the Center for Education Reform’s “media bullpen.” (Linda Perlstein)
  • That’s 300 comments per day/per staffer, funded by the Gates Foundation. (Schools Matter)
  • States’ interest in changing tenure rules is likely to continue into 2011. (EdWeek)
  • Given funding to start a service program, a D.C. school isn’t sure where it went. (Washington Post)