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Remainders: Keeping Race to the Top alive

  • A spending bill in the Senate could affect federal funding for school turnarounds. (EdWeek)
  • Obama is making concessions on some reforms to keep Race to the Top alive. (Flypaper)
  • A principal discovers his teachers’ criticism of him and does not take it well. (GS Community)
  • Ten questions for chancellor-designate Cathie Black (or you, of course). (City Limits)
  • New York is looking for a top-tier engineering school to move in. (NYT)
  • It’s definitely not the most wonderful time of the year to be dealing with students. (NYC Educator)
  • A look at 19 successful TFA alums, some well-known, others less obvious. (Fast Company)
  • Michelle Rhee: Three years ago, D.C. saw me as New York sees Cathie Black now. (Post)
  • The AFT is worried that common core standards are too focused on assessment. (EdWeek)
  • California’s Board of Ed wants a charter conversion campaign investigated. (LA Times)
  • Gov. Schwarzenegger defends the conversion plus the policy that led to it. (Washington Post)
  • A survey finds SC students like single-gender classes, but it has some problems. (Slate)
  • A list of 20 “education influencers” you can follow on Twitter. (Distance Education)