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Board of Regents approves 15 new NYC charter schools

New York State’s Board of Regents approved 15 new charter schools today that will open in New York City in the fall of next year.

Ten of those schools were authorized by the State University of New York’s Charter School Institute back in September and the remaining five were authorized today by the Board of Regents. The board also approved charters for three schools that will open in Mount Vernon, Rochester, and East Irondequoit.

Among the charter schools approved today is the New York City Montessori Charter School, the city’s first public Montessori school. Also on the list is Launch Expeditionary Learning Charter School, the first charter school opened by the Expeditionary Learning network in the city. Expeditionary Learning currently oversees ten district schools in New York.

The two charter schools that New Visions is opening in the South Bronx are the only typical four-year high schools in the group. Launch Expeditionary Learning Charter School will, at full size, be a 6-12 school, and the Urban Dove Charter School will admit students who are ages 16-18 regardless of what grade they’re in.

Six of the schools plan to open in the Bronx, five in Brooklyn, and three in Manhattan. Only one school will open in Queens.

Regents authorized schools:

1. Amani Public Charter School, Mt. Vernon
2. Democracy Prep III Charter School, District 5 Manhattan
3. Discovery Charter School, East Irondequoit
4. Launch Expeditionary Learning Charter School, District 16 Brooklyn
5. Mott Hall Charter School, Districts 8 or 9 Bronx
6. New York City Montessori Charter School, District 7 Bronx
7. Urban Dove Charter School, District 22 Brooklyn

SUNY authorized schools:
1. True North Genesee Preparatory Charter School, Rochester
2. Achievement First Aspire Charter School, District 19 Brooklyn
3. Boys Preparatory Charter School of New York, Districts 7 or 8 Bronx
4. East Harlem Scholars Academy Charter School (originally approved by SUNY Board of Trustees as EHTP Pact Charter School), District 4 Manhattan
5. Explore Excel Charter School, Districts 17 or 18 Brooklyn
6. Invictus Preparatory Charter School, District 19 Brooklyn
7. Heketi Community Charter School, District 7 Bronx
8. The New Visions Charter High School for the Humanities, District 7 Bronx
9. The New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math and Science, District 7 Bronx
10. Our World Neighborhood Charter School II, District 30 Queens
11. Innovate Manhattan Charter School, District 2 Manhattan

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