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Remainders: School of One will partner with PBS, Gates

  • PBS and School of One, via Gates, will produce a digital math content library. (TV News Check)
  • Report: Almost all previous efforts to turn around failing schools have failed. (Justin Cohen)
  • She would have made fewer materials for her lesson if only she’d had the time. (Dana Lawit)
  • Americans think it’s too hard to fire teachers, but parents deserve most blame. (AP)
  • The crucial difference between neighborhood schools and application schools. (Thompson)
  • What the MET study has concluded so far and what is to come. (Quick and the Ed)
  • The Board of Regents recommends lawmakers keep school funding formulas flat. (NYSUT)
  • A teacher-blogger endorses the practice of having principals teach lessons. (Chaz)
  • “If we don’t pass, she gets fired!” one student is overheard telling another. (Pissed Off Teacher)
  • On the eve of Klein’s last PEP meeting, a thank you for fueling union activism. (Norm Scott)
  • “Controversy is a necessary part of education,” Klein said at that last meeting. (GothamSchools)