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Rise & Shine: USDOE agenda faces funding, political obstacles

  • Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s sizable slush fund is likely to disappear under Republicans. (Times)
  • The DOE’s turnaround chief resigned from his last job after a staffer embezzled funds. (Daily News)
  • After News Corp.’s big education technology buy, it must figure out its broad strategy. (WSJ)
  • Despite a grant from Gov. Paterson, Chess-in-the-Schools is making cuts and charging schools. (Post)
  • Some principals manage to keep teaching, despite the many demands on their time. (Daily News)
  • Brownsville’s PS 12 is struggling to maintain tutoring that 80 percent of students need. (Daily News)
  • Students at three city high schools are taking comedy classes. (Post)
  • A new study found teachers whose students rated them highly also posted higher test scores. (Times)
  • Students say the closure of new schools shows that schools haven’t improved recently. (Daily News)
  • Atlanta, long among the most stable urban school districts, is now embroiled in turmoil. (Times)
  • A teacher charges that working at A Philip Randolph HS gave him a heart condition. (Daily News)
  • Two lawyers could face fines for frivolously filing rubber room legal challenges. (Post)
  • The teens whose fight preceded an intervening teacher’s miscarriage won’t face charges. (Post)
  • Geoffrey Canada isn’t saying for sure whether Mayor Bloomberg offered him the chancellorship. (NY1)
  • A school finance advocate says the state will have to make unpopular moves to cut school costs. (Post)