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Remainders: Black's nuanced take on releasing teacher ratings

  • Francis Lewis High School students have extended an open invitation to Cathie Black. (NY1)
  • Black can see both sides of the debate over releasing teacher ratings, she told the Daily News.
  • Unusually for high school, one Bronx teacher has “looped” with many of his students. (JD2718)
  • The city’s policy on bringing the holiday season to school: Discuss, but don’t endorse. (Insideschools)
  • David Bloomfield: The way Cathie Black was chosen has fatally damaged her leadership. (EdVox)
  • Parents say they don’t understand why the city wants to close MS 571 in Prospect Heights. (The Local)
  • Two years after delivering a scathing review, an expert praises a Boston charter school. (Mike Goldstein)
  • A top DOE charter school official is leaving to head the Hebrew Charter School Center. (JTA)
  • Advice for teachers who want to write lessons about national education news stories. (Learning Network)
  • An assistant principal at Grover Cleveland HS in Queens is bringing geocaching to his students. (Times)
  • Geoffrey Canada says libraries play an important role in improving schools. (School Library Journal)
  • A $3 billion Ca. initiative to lower class size and add counselors is working, a study says. (EdWeek)
  • Students should rate their teachers, but not on anonymous sites, says one teacher. (Pissed Off Teacher)
  • A teacher reports being told her school is going charter, then not. (Peace in the Classroom)
  • Students at Brooklyn’s John Jay campus aren’t happy about a new school moving in. (OTBKB)