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Remainders: Gates finds value in value-added

  • Cathie Black says Mayor Bloomberg told her she was the first pick for chancellor. (NY1, NYT)
  • Seyward Darby: Bloomberg wanted the “right type” of chancellor in Geoffrey Canada. (TNR)
  • A study by the Gates Foundation says value-added measurements are reliable. (LA Times)
  • The study found teachers’ success at raising scores predictive of future success. (Washington Post)
  • P.S. 12 could lose a promising after school tutoring program to budget cuts. (Daily News)
  • Democracy Prep has parted ways with a school it ran in Rhode Island. (Daily Politics)
  • Michelle Rhee visited Democracy Prep in New York City today. (Ed Reformer)
  • Health magazine’s list of the 10 jobs most likely to cause depression includes teaching. (Gawker)
  • A former teacher is troubled by students’ comments on the Bergtraum post. (Mildly Melancholy)
  • One teacher’s advice: don’t try to break up your students’ fights. (Chaz)
  • Ruben Brosbe: “Sometimes I feel less like a teacher, and more like a pull-string doll.” (GS Community)
  • South Bronx students and their coach find new meaning in “Number the Stars.” (GS Community)
  • A teacher catches his students’ plagiarism, but finds colleagues are letting is slide by. (NYC Educator)
  • Two Washington Post columnists debate the merits of Teach for America. (Washington Post)
  • After cheating allegations surfaced, Atlanta teachers are now saying they’re true. (Flypaper)