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Remainders: The world reacts to a "small tectonic shift"

Klein’s resignation, Black’s arrival:

  • Chancellor Joel Klein is stepping down, Hearst’s Cathleen Black is stepping up. (GS, NYT, DN, WNYC)
  • Black is the first woman to head the city’s Department of Education. (NY Post)
  • An LA teacher’s suicide has fueled debate over the release of teachers’ effectiveness scores. (NYT)
  • By hiring someone more corporate than Klein, the mayor is declaring war on unions. (DN)
  • Insider: Picking Black is “a charm offensive” to loop in those Klein alienated. (NYMag)
  • Ben Smith: What does Klein’s “small tectonic shift” mean for Bloomberg 2012? (Politico)
  • Klein might be headed for for-profit, online education efforts at News Corp. (Reason)
  • TFA’er is sad to see Klein go, calls Class Size Matters “the flat earth society.” (Huffman)
  • Checker Finn: Klein’s policy changes were “promising modern-day school reforms.” (Flypaper)
  • Buy a ticket to the GothamSchools benefit next week before they run out! Cathie, you too.

Other news:

  • Cuomo said he will cut education and health spending rather than raise taxes. (AP)
  • A video lampoons narrow views of student assessment, unproductive teacher support. (You Tube)
  • Lesson study is maybe a better, more professional way to help teachers. (Peter Pappas)
  • Panel concludes that classrooms should be “more permeable … metaphorically.” (Justin Cohen)
  • A novel study finds that the TAP program for teacher pay and support helps children. (Teacher Beat)
  • Some Chicago charter schools have very high student attrition rates. (Hechinger/WBEZ/Catalyst)
  • An NYC rookie charter school teacher is observed with positive results. (Goldstein)

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