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Remainders: Panel’s vote puts mayor in a tight spot

  • The next move in the Black saga is Mayor Bloomberg’s, and he’s unlikely to back down. (Daily Intel)
  • One change in the chancellor’s job description since 2002: Public trust no longer required. (City Room)
  • Cathie Black was principal of IS 125 in the South Bronx — for one day in 2000. (City Room)
  • Twenty-eight prominent women said this morning that they support Black’s candidacy. (DOE)
  • Black sold her Connecticut weekend home for $2 million just this week. (City Room)
  • On the man who might have been chancellor, Don Domenech circa 1995. (Russo)
  • Former New Yorker Marcia Lyles has been spotted in Atlanta, which needs a new supe. (AJC)
  • How to be smart when filling out your high school application, due next week. (Insideschools)
  • A retired teacher extols the virtues of picture books. (Edwize)
  • Overbooked and exhausted, a mom calls for virtual school tours. (Insideschools)