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Remainders: City Hall scrambling to find support for Black

  • Cathie Black has been a hard sell because almost no one saw her coming. (City Hall News)
  • Louise Mirrer, a member of the panel voting on Black’s appointment, has deep ties to Bloomberg. (NYT)
  • Those ties are too deep for State Senator Eric Adams, who wants Mirrer off the panel. (NYT)
  • The panel that approved Klein’s waiver was larger and broader than the current one. (WNYC)
  • Tom Vander Ark defends the record of corporate execs-turned-school-superintendents. (EdReformer)
  • NJ says it can’t afford to fund college scholarships for low-income preschool teachers. (Hechinger)
  • The first hydroponic greenhouse on a NYC public school roof is beginning to bear lettuce. (NYT)
  • A visit to a Bronx school shows that schools need a mandatory nutrition curriculum. (GS)
  • Parents and bus drivers of special needs students are concerned about their transport. (InsideSchools)