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Remainders: "The closest thing to Superman that exists"

  • A protegee of Cathie Black’s says, “She’s the closest thing to Superman that exists.” (NYT)
  • Kathryn Wylde says Black will address people’s concerns about Joel Klein’s Tweed. (WNYC)
  • Other media figures to put in important city jobs include Betty White for health commish! (CityRoom)
  • A study finds that when teachers contact children’s parents regularly, children do better. (Goldstein)
  • Listen to Pedro Noguera’s speech opening a Coalition of Essential Schools conference. (CMK)
  • Video from this week’s PEP meeting includes protest language from Patrick Sullivan. (Ed Notes)
  • Randi Weingarten urges “immediate steps” following disappointing NAEP reading scores. (Examiner)
  • To encourage 12th graders to take NAEP seriously, schools dangle prom tickets. (Ed Week)
  • A new Colorado policy makes it easier to transfer from a community college to 4-year. (Quick and the Ed)
  • In a Brookings report, scholars in favor of teacher value-added models make their case. (Hechinger)
  • Is differentiated instruction a magic bullet — or the solution to our biggest challenge? (Ed Next)
  • Arne Duncan’s eat-your-broccoli, don’t-expect-another-stimulus message impressed. (Rick Hess)

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