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Rise & Shine: Black’s role at Coke at odds with city’s soda policy

  • On Coca-Cola’s board, Cathie Black sat on a committee that dealt with keeping Coke in schools. (Times)
  • Coca-Cola has a record of labor abuses in its overseas plants, Juan Gonzalez writes. (Daily News)
  • Discussion of Black’s appointment dominated last night’s school board meeting. (TimesWNYC)
  • Black visited Tweed Courthouse yesterday for the first time since being appointed. (GothamSchools)
  • Black vowed that she would be approved and become chancellor. (Post)
  • She also said 40 years of management experience qualifies her for the job. (NY1)
  • Members of the state legislature’s minority caucus are registering concerns about Black. (Daily News)
  • New Yorkers shouldn’t have to wait while Black gets up to speed, Josh Greenman writes. (Daily News)
  • Bronx students have mixed opinions on Black’s business advice. (NY1)
  • After six custodians were laid off, students say Lehman High School is a mess. (Daily News)
  • Brooklyn students used radar guns to identify speeding outside their elementary school. (City Room)
  • Maggie Gallagher says the solution to boys’ underachievement is to let boys be boys. (Post)