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Remainders: Public school chic, a transforming hug

  • “Public school chic has to be a positive” compared to previous “neglect.” (Atlantic Monthly)
  • At tonight’s PEP, Norman Scott and Joel Klein shared a wish-fulfilling embrace. (Twitter, EdNotes)
  • The weekly salmon-colored newspaper becomes the first to endorse Cathie Black. (Observer)
  • Class sizes rose by an average of 0.6 students per class this year. (Edwize)
  • A Daily News edit-head explains why Cathie Black’s not winning his patience. (Daily News)
  • Sol Stern doesn’t care who Bloomberg picks; they’ll all share his poor principles. (City Journal)
  • Assemblyman James Brennan says we need a chancellor to “hit the ground running.” (E-mail)
  • Mayor Bloomberg will make another announcement this week: budget cuts! (WSJNY)
  • Meanwhile, in Chicago, the interim schools head is a foundation leader. (Catalyst)
  • New York is one of eight states doing a pilot program to transform teacher education. (AP)
  • Is this attempt by ed schools to turn themselves around the real deal? (Rick Hess Says No)