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Remainders: Staking out Cathie Black and her coaches

  • Cathie Black’s prep team includes Micah Lasher, Howard Wolfson, and Dennis Walcott. (NYT)
  • Public advocate Bill de Blasio calls on Bloomberg to hold a public forum with Black. (State of Politics)
  • A long-time critic of Klein’s policies takes a look at how much they have in common. (Education Notes)
  • Black’s jump from media to the public schools is further proof that education is in. (The Atlantic)
  • The city’s teachers union is holding a series of workshops on charter schools. (Edwize)
  • Murdoch’s interest in online learning could make other investors less skittish. (Venture Beat)
  • One way to end kindergarten overcrowding: tell parents you’ve got bed bugs. (InsideSchools)
  • Rahm Emanuel says Chicago public schools should have their own Race to the Top. (Crain’s)
  • Florida’s governor-elect may be interested in making Michelle Rhee commissioner. (WaPo)

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