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Remainders: Analyzing "HUH?" v. "CLASS ACT"

Did you know we have a new schools chancellor?

  • Tom McGeveran analyzes the tabloids’ two very different takes on the new chancellor. (Capital)
  • Eight different takes on why Cathie Black should or should be the next chancellor. (The Atlantic)
  • In an interview with the Times, Klein says he doesn’t feel misunderstood by the public. (NYT)
  • Black’s book says a lot about her leadership style, but nothing about education. (NYT)
  • By appointing Black, Bloomberg is showing that he doesn’t trust teachers to lead. (New Yorker)
  • Callers to the Brian Lehrer Show had mixed feelings on Cathie Black’s credentials. (WNYC)
  • A former DOE insider says Klein could have avoided much of the early anger from parents. (Noodle Ed)
  • Klein changed the way a lot of influential people thought about education. (Eduwonk)
  • Klein’s legacy can’t be fully judged, as the kids who’ve lived his policies are still very young. (City Limits)
  • Merryl Tisch said she didn’t know about Bloomberg’s pick, but trusts his judgment. (City Hall News)

In other news:

  • Most reporters, columnists, and pundits did not question “Waiting for Superman” enough. (CJR)
  • Ruben Brosbe: the city isn’t changing its ESL materials, even though the students are. (GothamSchools)
  • Rumor has it that an Ast. Sect. in the US DOE will be LA’s new schools chief. (Politics K-12)
  • If American students are bad at math, as a new study says, how is the U.S. still a superpower? (Flypaper)
  • Jay Mathews says middle schools are holding back U.S. kids in math. (Washington Post)
  • Nearly one in four Chicago elementary schools have lost their libraries to cuts. (NPR)

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