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Remainders: A federal plea for more teachers of color

  • The U.S. DOE wants to know how to attract more black and Hispanic teachers. (
  • Andy Rotherham says more is working against education reform than for it. (Time)
  • A WTU leadership candidate has questions for Randi and Rhee. (Washington Teacher)
  • A guide to how to get your school to follow recycling guidelines. (GothamSchools Community)
  • Community college students struggle to get beyond remedial classes. (Hechinger Report)
  • Buried in a report is reason to be skeptical about increased teacher mobility. (School Finance 101)
  • High school achievement predicets whether low-income students finish college. (EdWeek)
  • Arianna Huffington is doing an education town hall with Joel Klein and others. (HuffPost)
  • The AP fact-checks “Superman” claim that teachers can get tenure by “breathing.” (AP)
  • And we’re taking Monday off to celebrate Philissa’s wedding!

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