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Rise & Shine: Union gets one-year waiver from health care rules

  • The city teachers union got a one-year exemption from new federal health-care rules. (Post)
  • P.S. 282’s principal banned some teachers from an award ceremony held there this week. (Daily News)
  • Members of Congress asked for the city to speed up clean-up of 700 contaminated schools. (Daily News)
  • Some parents want the city to fire a Brooklyn teacher with a history of shoving students. (Daily News)
  • Joel Klein, plus 15 other district heads, lay out their formula for school reform. (Washington Post)
  • New Jersey’s fired ed commissioner blamed Gov. Christie for the states Race to the Top loss. (Times)
  • Federal grants are helping Chicago charter groups expand despite state budget cuts. (Times)
  • Michelle Rhee could be offered several top ed posts, but she may not want them. (Washington Post)

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