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Remainders: The Daily Show's Lewis Black takes on education

  • Charters good “as long as the [lottery] is as public and cruel as humanly possible.” (Daily Show)
  • Inside the big hotels where teachers and principals speed-date for matches. (GS Community)
  • An instructional coach and former science teacher won a $25,000 award today. (WNYC)
  • Forget Huberman; Pittsburgh’s superintendent is leaving mid-school year. (Corey)
  • The Minneapolis superintendent will get a merit pay bonus if she produces good results. (Hechinger)
  • Pundits make suggestions for how Mark Zuckerberg’s money should be spent in Newark. (NYT)
  • The NEA plans to spend $40 million this election, mainly on Democrats. (Politics K12, Upshot)
  • The Gates Foundation is giving $1.5 million to ABC News to cover health issues. (NYT)
  • An effort to train students in “digital citizenship” is born. (NPR)
  • A teacher wary of Cuomo and Paladino praises the UFT’s Tony Avella endorsement. (NYC Educator)
  • The state education department has posted Race to the Top forms for local districts. (NYSED)

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