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Remainders: Education hiring increased during the recession

  • Concerns about progress reports could foreshadow problems with score-based teacher evals. (HuffPo)
  • Diane Ravitch goes over some of the criticism of value-added assessments of teachers. (EdWeek)
  • Can a school improve a neighborhood? Petrilli says no; Corey Bower says maybe. (Ed Policy Thoughts)
  • A new report says that ed schools and training programs don’t teach how kids learn. (Answer Sheet)
  • The Baltimore contract shows why Weingarten doesn’t deserve the anti-reform label. (Class Struggle)
  • Education hiring has actually increased 2.3 percent during the recession. (Flypaper)
  • Google Apps for Education is being offered up to districts all over the state. (ZDNet Education)
  • Merrow on the anti-testing “Race to Nowhere”: Strong message but not a great movie. (Taking Note)
  • Though she likely drove to West Beverly HS, Jennie Garth wants kids to walk to school. (GossipCenter)

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