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A thought experiment: panelists imagine the teachers of 2040

Will new technologies transform the way teachers teach and students learn? Is online learning really the way of the future? And how can we ensure that teaching becomes a respected profession?

Those were some of the questions tackled during a panel discussion to discuss what teaching might look like in 30 years. The panel, held the week before last, featured KIPP co-founder David Levin; Joel Rose of the School of One; Becky Crowe Hill, formerly of Partners in School Innovation; Jose Ferreira, CEO and founder of Knewton; and Alex Grodd, the founder of Better Lesson; it was also moderated by GothamSchools editor Elizabeth Green and Nick Ehrmann, the founder of the non-profit Blue Engine.

We’ve compiled some of the highlights from the discussion, which ranged from the challenge of school “organ rejection” of reforms to how KIPP’s David Levin met his wife, and what that has to do with teaching:

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