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Remainders: Resolving an education comments-section war

  • An in-person barroom intervention to end an online comments-section war. (Ed News Colorado)
  • Ruben Brosbe says the Post cut key caveats to his data-dump endorsement. (GS Community)
  • Teacher: “Superman” is “at a different stadium than where the game is happening” (Research in Practice)
  • Ravitch calls the film “propagandistic” and suggests a Finland-style approach to reform. (NYRB)
  • Teachers and principals need to think urgently about fighting homophobia in schools. (Notebook)
  • Joel Klein calls a new Michelle Rhee bio is “the book equivalent” of “Superman.” (The Bee Eater)
  • Teachers unions are neither villains, as others say, nor heroes, as they claim. (Larry Cuban)
  • An unnerving series of visits to one of the 10 worst high schools in Kentucky. (Ed Week)
  • Ways to combat lateness violations in high school admissions process. (Insideschools)

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