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Rise & Shine: Van Buren HS principal slashes sports, raises ire

  • The principal of Van Buren HS in Queens has inexplicably cut sports games and practices. (Post)
  • The football coach at Abraham Lincoln HS says sports help students keep their grades up. (Post)
  • But a principals union official says funding academics should come before funding sports. (Post)
  • City teachers’ value-added scores won’t be released before Nov. 24. (Daily News)
  • Some principals don’t want to see their teachers’ scores released. (Daily News)
  • State officials aren’t saying whether the city should release the value-added scores. (Post)
  • Chancellor Joel Klein lays out his argument for why the scores should be public. (Daily News)
  • Diane Ravitch says the scores are so flawed that releasing them would only hurt students. (Daily News)
  • The Post lambastes Michael Mulgrew’s suggestion that teachers should help evaluate themselves.
  • Ruben Brosbe says knowing his value-added score has helped him improve. (Post)
  • Eva Moskowitz explains why she wants to open a charter school on the Upper West Side. (Post)
  • The principal under fire for writing an error-filled email was rated lowest on a UFT survey. (CBS)
  • The principal stood by his anti-textbook words at school on Friday. (Daily News)
  • The Daily News says the principal, Andrew Buck, should be fired as an example.
  • Schools all over the city were freshened up Saturday during New York Cares Day. (CNN)
  • More and more chefs are stepping in to help schools serve better lunches. (Times)
  • An East Village elementary school produced a world music album to raise funds. (NPR)
  • An online survey of city parents found they fear bullying more than terrorism. (Post)
  • Tough love is the guiding philosophy at the city’s tuition-free De La Salle Academy. (Times)
  • Some British schools are outsourcing math instruction to India. (Times)
  • Long Island middle school students are taking classes in diversity. (Times)

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