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Remainders: What Bill Gates learned from home-schooling

  • Bill Gates on what makes a good teacher and how he home-schooled his own kids. (Parade)
  • Arne Duncan is making an appearance in Philly with Tony Danza, Ackerman. (Russo)
  • In a debate, Kirsten Gillibrand made it clear she hadn’t heard of the teacher data dump. (Daily News)
  • The promises made to teachers in their pension packages are like a Ponzi scheme. (Rick Hess)
  • Explaining “Superman” to Taiwan, Rhee is a ninja and teachers are clowns. (Politico)
  • New York’s timeline for implementing Race to the Top is incredibly fast. (EdVantage)
  • An argument that value-added scores shouldn’t be shared even if they were perfect. (Ed Vox)
  • Freedom of speech rights don’t apply to teachers setting curriculum, a judge says. (EdWeek)
  • The Citizens United decision led to big spending by public sector unions, NEA included. (WSJ)
  • Is it possible for a student to be highly motivated, cooperative, and getting 70s? (Pissed Off)
  • Norm Scott’s Ed Notes: A History, including origins in progressive educating. (Ed Notes)

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