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Remainders: The teacher-principal evaluation imbalance

  • The city and union agreed to postpone releasing teachers’ names and ratings. (NYT, GS)
  • Reporters throughout the U.S. requested value-added data after the LA Times series. (LA Times)
  • Before she left, Rhee said she would consider releasing teachers’ ratings. (Washington Post)
  • Evaluations of principals’ effectiveness are often as cursory as ones of teachers. (Time Magazine)
  • By planning to make teachers’ ratings public the city is stabbing teachers in the back. (NYC Educator)
  • Teachers keep their classrooms nice if they feel as though they own them. (Pissed Off Teacher)
  • Back from a sick day, Ruben Brosbe wonders how to keep kids from going wild. (GS Community)
  • Rahm Emanuel is calling for Chicago to have longer school days. (Chicago News Cooperative)
  • A New Jersey schools superintendent was charged with fraud and bribery today. (AP)
  • The “elites” vs. teachers union split is to the Dems what the Tea Party is to Republicans. (US News)
  • Michigan prosecutor wants parents to face jail time if they miss parent-teacher conferences. (CNN)
  • Charter school supporters are rushing to save a school that overspent. (Quick & the Ed)

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