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Rise & Shine: Union heads to court today to block rating release

  • The teachers union is trying to block the city from releasing teachers’ ratings. (GS, NYT, WNYC, DN, NY1)
  • City lawyers think it’s likely that a non-disclosure agreement can be legally broken. (NY Post)
  • Proponents of value-added measurements are nervous about attaching teachers’ names. (WSJ)
  • Many parents want to see teachers’ ratings, but others have concerns. (Daily News)
  • A Queens CEC member wants to use the ratings to pick a new school for his daughter. (NY Post)
  • The Daily News thinks there’s no doubt the value-added scores should come out.
  • The New York Post thinks the union is fighting the release to protect bad teachers.
  • A Harlem Success employee was arrested for trying to videotape a public meeting. (Daily News)
  • Councilwoman Gail Brewer said she’d strangle parents who switch to a charter school. (NY Post)
  • Post readers suggest various jobs Michelle Rhee could take up in NYC. (NY Post)
  • Regis Philbin visited his Bronx Catholic high school, where he’s a big donor. (Daily News)
  • It’s looking unlikely that Michelle Rhee wants New Jersey’s top education job. (WSJ)

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