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Remainders: Purple to support LGBTQ peers in Mott Haven

  • Bronx students wore purple ribbons and nail polish to support their LGBTQ peers. (NYT)
  • A Virginia history textbook includes a controversial claim about the Civil War. (WashPost)
  • Urban Assembly principal: We know what works, but it’s not “Superman.” (Insideschools)
  • Linda Darling-Hammond praises some states’ teacher evaluation systems. (CAP)
  • “There is no war on teachers”; only a war on teachers unions, says Eric Hanushek. (WSJ)
  • Every teacher has “passion and commitment,” NEA president says. (WashPost)
  • Pay-for-performance reforms of teaching have historical antecedents. (Larry Cuban)
  • Classrooms in countries with the highest-performing students are not tech-heavy. (Slate)
  • In comparing the Baltimore and DC teacher contracts, context is key. (Justin Cohen)
  • Rhee successor Henderson will keep IMPACT, which came out of her “shop.” (The Root)
  • How important is “cognitive science” to learning to become a good teacher? (Goldstein)

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