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Remainders: The comedy of value-added assessment

  • A cartoonist proposes value-added assessment for parents. (Signe via Joanne Jacobs)
  • The TV show “Glee” is inspiring real-life glee clubs around the country. (AP)
  • A Brooklyn mom is impressed by her tour of the Harbor School. (Insideschools)
  • Nevada Senate candidate tells Hispanic union students they look Asian. (Las Vegas Sun)
  • Ruben’s students include: Babyface, the Scowler, and Woodstock. (GS Community)
  • One AP course honor code banned talking about work with parents. (WashPost)
  • Obama’s ed agenda is under attack in the midterms from both parties. (Daily Beast)
  • Obama signed an executive order to form a commission on Hispanic education. (EdWeek)
  • CUNY colleges vary widely in how they define a “credit.” (Quick and the Ed, Chronicle)
  • A teacher says rhetoric about educators’ autonomy contradicts reality. (Ed News Colorado)

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