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Remainders: Michelle Rhee leaves the stage by stealing it

Michelle Rhee edition:

  • Michelle Rhee resigned with a Tweet and a new dot-org website. (Twitter,
  • A digital firm with Obama ties made the site. Bloomberg-Rhee 2012, anyone? (NBC Washington, Politico)
  • Parents’ reviews of Michelle Rhee’s decision to exit, plus more great WashPost coverage. (WashPost)
  • Randi Weingarten tells a reporter that Rhee’s failing was “her disdain for relationships.” (Marc Ambinder)
  • Rhee’s interim replacement is her deputy and ed-reform soulmate Kaya Henderson. (WashPost)
  • A source tells me Henderson’s name is being pitched for the top job in Newark, too. (No link)

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world:

  • The Regents might extend a ban on extra tutoring for students who fail state exams. (Daily News)
  • A school eliminated work rules only after improving teacher-management relations. (GS Community)
  • Projections underestimate how many jobs will require a college degree. (Quick and the Ed)
  • The NEA is creating “heart burn” by partnering with a for-profit college. (Mike Antonucci)
  • In a spoof, “Aunty Broad” says reformers “should be cloned, they are so smart.” (NYPSP)
  • Davis Guggenheim says he belongs to a union and “really believes” in unions. (AV Club)
  • Brooklyn kids are learning to “bike like a driver.” (WNYC)

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